Counselling for individuals

Everyone experiences problems at some time and counselling can offer a safe confidential place to take stock and resolve confusing or distressing feelings. It can be a huge relief to be able to talk about things with the support of someone who will listen carefully and try to understand their concerns without having their own agenda or judgiement.

Working with a counsellor can help you feel less alone and able to develop a clearer picture of what is happening to you, find new perspectives and more helpful ways of managing difficulties. We may look at how you are affected by your context, how the past may have influenced the present, or how your thoughts are related to your mood and behaviours. I might suggest creative techniques to help you explore your sense of self, or draw from coaching techniques to support you to achieve your goals. When appropriate I offer trauma therapy to help process difficult memories.

The agenda is yours and my aim is to help you find ways to create your own solutions. Common concerns that bring clients to counselling are low self-confidence, anxiety, depression, anger, stress, life-stage issues, childhood abuse, trauma, sexuality, bereavement and of course all the problems that can arise through being in a relationship.

Psychosexual therapy

Sex therapy is a talking therapy that helps individuals and couples address problems connected with sex and intimacy. Sexual problems are very common and although some can work through problems themselves, many others find that sexual difficulties can cause a lot of distress and unhappiness that is difficult to talk about. Talking through issues with a psychosexual therapist trained in the biological and psychological functioning of sexuality can help you find a way through the problems.

You may be given a programme of individually designed tasks that you do in the privacy of your own home - either on your own or with your partner. The approach is supportive and respectful of the sensitive and intimate nature of what is being discussed.

Trauma therapy

I am qualified to deliver EMDR, which is a Nice approved trauma therapy. My experience of working with trauma has included working in a forensic setting with women who have been impacted by complex trauma.

Trauma reactions are not just caused by being in a life threatening situation. Hearing about or witnessing a traumatic event, feeling unsafe as a child or common attachment injuries can all lead to trauma reactions and leave people stuck with distressing thoughts and feelings.

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